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Top Tips on online networking

Networking is popular with many business owners and it is easy to see why ...
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Meet the unflappable founder of Pängels

We’d like to introduce you to the wonderful woman behind Pängels. Jenny Sjollema founded ...
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Time management

5 resolutions to adopt to get more done in your business in 2021

Managing your time well is important, but especially at the start of a new ...
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Xmas helper

Have yourself a very merry Christmas, thanks to your Pängels helper

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone, but especially for business owners ...
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7 reasons why contracting to Pängels is good business acumen

In the current climate, more companies seem to be turning to using contractors rather ...
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Grow Your Business

Let your business soar to new heights online with Pängels wings

Now is the time to focus on boosting your business profile online, especially as ...
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We understand your needs

Pängels can help you get back to business

Now the UK is starting to get back to normal as the lockdown gradually ...
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Happy Birthday to Us

Join us in celebrating Pängels nine years in business. Jenny Sjollema was inspired to ...
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Virtual assistant cost

How much does a virtual assistant cost?

When you’re running your own business it can be hard to hand over the ...
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