Social media

Are you find yourself publishing posts on your business’s social media platforms in the early hours of the morning because you’ve been too busy during the daytime?

Do you struggle to come up with fresh topics for your company mail-shots or blogs?

Have you let your good intentions of cold calling prospects go?

When you are busy trying to build a successful business it’s difficult finding time to do everything, which is why Pängels was launched.

We can provide you with either a Virtual Assistant or Personal Assistant who can help support your marketing and social media, as well as carry out administration, sales and recruitment duties.

We’re here to take the pain out of those time-consuming tasks that eat away at your day, especially online marketing.

For the last 10 years we have been helping small to media enterprises raise their profiles on the Internet through their online marketing and social media. You just have to read our testimonials page (include link to: ) to see that our clients have appreciated the work we’ve done for them.

Our virtual assistants have vast experience of doing telesales, mailshots and email marketing.

Whether you are launching a new product or service and need someone to assist with your marketing strategies, creating posts for your social media or content for your blogs, Pängels is the business to ask for support.

Each member of our team has worked on generating leads for local and regional businesses, and carrying out market or competitor research is our forte.

If you are just launching your business, or rebranding, we can help you to raise your profile online by creating multi-format advertising material, write listings for directories or even organise an event.

Get in touch today or give us a call on 0844 500 7818 to discuss the various cost-effective services we offer. You won’t regret it!