Holiday season is just around the corner

Is your workload stacking up? You really want to be able to enjoy the bank holidays, the warm, dry and sunny weather (hopefully), a long weekend with the family… but there is so much to do at work. If only there was someone you could rely on to take the pressure off, to organise the workload and get those small or time consuming tasks completed that you haven’t had time to do.

That’s where PA Angels can help you!

Organisation and efficiency is what we are all about, and we can quickly take on your administrative tasks so that you can utilise your time more effectively. You may just need some help for a specific project, or to give you that peace of mind that things are still moving on while you are on holiday or away from the office. We are a cost effective way of getting the support you need, without having to take on more staff or work excessive hours when the pressure is on to meet a deadline.

Our team of Angels are highly efficient, and are experts in completing administration to an exceptional standard. We can help you with any administrative task including organising your diary and arranging meetings for you, booking travel arrangements, responding to emails, or just clearing out your overflowing email box (why don’t we put an email filing and categorising system in place for you while we’re at it?), inputting data, putting presentation slides together, writing up that business case or minutes from that meeting that you’ve not had time to get done.

Not only do we have extensive experience in administration and great IT skills we have also worked in marketing, sales and recruitment and in both the private and public sector. So how about letting us set up that event for you, or organise a new filing system – we are happy to help you with one off tasks and projects and you can then just call on us when the business needs that extra pair of hands.

So go on, book that holiday or long weekend away, or have a few days at home while the kids are on school holidays – and we’ll make sure everything keeps moving while you’re not there.

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