So, you’ve spent time and money getting your website or printed materials ready. You’ve debated over images and whether to include a particular case-study and now you’re ready to launch to the world! The comments come flooding in… and they’re all about the typo you missed because you were so caught up in the other aspects of your offering that you forgot to check it before pressing ‘print’.

Here at PA Angels, we’ve got the expertise to give your documents or your website a thorough proofread to give you that extra polish. A well-edited, clean finish will make you look more professional and present the front to the world that shows your attention to detail and your reliability. And because we’re one step removed from your business, we’re able to look at your work with a fresh pair of eyes.

Whether it’s a short blog, or a longer policy document, our approach is always to read your work through several times, looking for different things each time. We’ll check for spelling and grammar, then for typos. It’s easy to read becuase as because, well, just because that’s what you’re expecting to see. Factual accuracy is important, obviously, and as you’re the expert, usually you’ll have that covered – but just in case, we’ll check whether the Maldon Mud Race did indeed begin in 1973. We’ll also make sure that you don’t stray from the first person to the third, or the present tense to the past – easily done, especially if you’ve been writing your copy bit by bit. A consistent format is important, so that your bullet points follow the same style, or you capitalise the same words, and lastly, but by no means least, we’ll check the layout, so that there aren’t too many spaces between words, or an indent where the text is meant to be flush against the margin.

Some of our amends might just be suggestions and we’ll always check with you how you want to be notified of amends, and agree how many times you want us to check for revisions. We can even use proper proofreading marks, although many business owners just prefer us to mark up a printed copy or highlight changes onscreen. If you’re a business who produces lots of written copy, we can also advise on developing a ‘house-style’ guide, either bespoke for your organisation, or an off-the-peg guide such as the Guardian’s, or the Economist’s house-style guide.

Checking documents for errors isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but knowing you can trust PA Angels to be thorough and accurate can leave you secure in the knowledge that you’re making a good first impression.

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