What does every business need?

On the face of it, a multinational company with thousands of employees and a sole-trader working out of the back of a van don’t seem very similar. But all businesses have something in common, whether they’re service or product-based. They…

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Pängels proofreading

So, you’ve spent time and money getting your website or printed materials ready. You’ve debated over images and whether to include a particular case-study and now you’re ready to launch to the world! The comments come flooding in… and they’re…

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Pängels to bounce for charity

Pängels will be taking part in the Farleigh Hospice £50 Business Challenge again this year. Last year we won the Most Daring Award for our skydive… so how to top that this year? Jenny Sjollema, owner of Pängels, will be…

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